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Chiropractor Patrick Graux D.C.

"I was a chiropractic patient before I became a chiropractic doctor. Chiropractic changed my life as I am sure it will change yours." - Dr. Graux

EDUCATION:Chiropractor Bowie MD Patrick Graux

  • Bachelors of Science Molecular Biology University of Maryland
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Logan Chiropractic Saint Louis, MO


  • Maryland Chiropractic Association


  • Maldova, Russia
  • Bucharest, Romania


  • Belgian Army

Dr. Patrick J. Graux has been in practice since 1997. He was born in Belgium and came to the United States as an infant. He grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland and graduated with a Life Science-Genetics degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. During his time there, he met his wife, Dr. Sharon Der-Graux.

Together, they both moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where they would both graduate as Doctors of Chiropractic. Upon graduation from Logan College of Chiropractic, they decided to come home to serve the people of Bowie, Maryland.

Their primary focus is to educate and empower their patients about the natural and restorative powers that reside in each person and accept full responsibility for their own health. Dr. Graux is dedicated to the complete health and well-being of every patient. His specialized adjusting techniques are specific, gentle, and safe.

His expertise with the upper cervical spine sets him far apart from others in the community, which is why patients do not mind driving long distances to see him.

When Dr. Der-Graux is not busy in the office, she is active with their two beautiful daughters, Alyssa and Alyson. Both girls were natural home births and were checked for subluxations immediately after birth. They too are living the natural and drug-free lifestyle. Alyssa has dreams of following in her parent’s footsteps and Alyson is interested in the health care field as well. Their parents could not be happier!

Chiropractor Bowie MD Chesapeake's Favorite Doc Award

Congratulations Dr. Graux for being voted Chesapeake Family's Favorite Chiropractor for 2016, 2017, and 2018!

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"My regular chiropractic visits with him have allowed me to live a pain-free and drug-free life even with my multiple injuries."

- Theresa W.

"I displaced a thoracic disc and was recommended to take anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and back injections. I continued to see Dr. Graux and with regular adjustments can avoid all meds. I have never taken the injections."

- Briggit P.

"My oldest used to suffer from ear infections but hasn’t had one since starting to come to Dr. Graux. And my youngest has only had one ear infection in her life – she has been coming to Dr. Graux since birth"

- Nicole E.

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4365 Northview Drive

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