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Are you interested to find out what services chiropractors in Bowie offer? Read more to discover the specialty services offered at ADIO Specific Chiropractic.

Services Offered in Bowie

  • Family Chiropractic Health Services for infants, toddlers, teenagers, and adults.
  • On-site X-ray.
  • Chiropractic radiographic and MRI analysis.
  • Low force or high-velocity chiropractic adjusting techniques.
  • Complimentary Consultations.
  • Corrective and wellness care plans are offered.
  • Instruction on eliminating causes of physical, emotional, and chemical stress.

About Our Clinic

We have on-site x-rays.

No need for you to take an extra trip to another facility if an x-ray is needed. We take them right here during your initial exam. We take x-rays with you standing or sitting so that we can see how your spine is positioned with normal stress placed upon it.

Hands-on, all-natural chiropractic care.

Our hands do all the work here. We use our hands to locate the problem areas and work them out naturally. Experience counts. We have been using hands-on chiropractic care in Bowie, MD since 1997.

We cater to busy people.

We have morning, afternoon, and evening hours to accommodate the busiest of people. Don't expect to check-in at the front desk and wait a few hours until the doctor sees you. To save time on your first visit, simply download the registration form and complete it at home before coming to the office.

We regularly check infants and children too.

You may be surprised to see children getting their spines checked here in our practice. Think of all the falls, bumps, and slips children have as they grow up! Wouldn't it be nice to know they are growing up with a healthy spine and nervous system as they go through those critical years of development? Why infants? We know it's tough for a mother to give birth, imagine what it must be like for infants, especially those that had to be extracted.


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