Top Things You Can Do In Bowie To Have Fun In 2018

With a population of over 58,000, Bowie City has many social amenities that could be impressive to locals and visitors wishing to have a nice time in the city. There are at least 400 cheap or free activities you can do in Bowie City. Here are the top Things to do in Bowie, MD.

Visit Bowie Ice Arena

When you are in Bowie City, you must not wait until the winter to have fun on the ice. Bowie Ice Arena is an ice rink open for all ice sports lovers and skaters between April and July. When it is closed for maintenance, the dry floor activities can go on unabated. If you're not skating, you can watch a match involving Bowie Hockey Club, Bowie Figure Skating Club Bowie ISI Figure-Skating Team, or Bowie High School Ice-Dogs - all of them call this arena their home. Bowie Ice Arena has been the recreational heartthrob of this city since 1977.

It is located at 3330 Northview Drive.

Dining and Shopping at Bowie City Center

Bowie City center is the premiere spot for dining and shopping when visiting the city. The open concept sparkling mall houses some of the most glamorous restaurants in Bowie including Five Guys, Chipotle, First Watch, Olive Garden, Uno Chicago Grill, Noodles and Company Red Robin, and more. There are plans for the establishment of a carnival joint.

Bowie City Center is situated at 15606 Emerald Way.

Where to get a theatre

Local thespians of Bowie City don't need to wander too far places to perform their art. The best-known theatre for plays is The Bowie Playhouse. 2nd Star Production - a troupe of actors - calls this theatre their home. Shakespeare Company, Prince George Little Theatre, Annapolis, and Bowie Community Centre can accommodate an audience of 150 each. Unlike other playhouses elsewhere that tend to be managed by independent organizations, all theatres in Bowie are managed and operated by the city.

Bowie Playhouse is located at 16500 White Marsh Parks Drive.

Where to go to movies

Do you want to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster? You need to drop by one of the many Regal Cinema locations dotted in the city. The most outstanding location is the Regal Cinemas' Waugh Chapel 12 and IMAX situated in the bustling Waugh Chapels Shopping Center at 1419 S Mains Chapel Way. Better yet, Regal Bowie Stadium-14 is situated just across the road if you're at the Bowie City Center at 15200 Major Landsdale Boulevard.

Watch a Bowie Baysox match at Prince George's Stadium

During baseball season, you can visit Prince George's Stadium and enjoy a match involving Bowie Baysox. There is a touch of history on this stadium that you would like to explore. Did you know Baltimore Orioles Double-A of the Eastern League and Bowie Baysox started their rivalry in this stadium when it was opened in 1994? It might as well be the same stadium you will come back to watch the derby between the two rivals.

Plenty of family-oriented events are held at this stadium every year in addition to the thrilling baseball games. They include Mother Son night out, Girl Scout Sleepover, Family Camp Out among others.


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