Chiropractic Testimonials

"Chiropractic care with Dr. Graux has been life-changing for me. My regular chiropractic visits with him have allowed me to live a pain-free and drug-free life even with my multiple injuries. I always tell people that my chiropractic care has allowed me to walk freely without canes, walkers, or wheelchairs! I am eternally grateful to ADIO Chiropractic in emphasizing natural healing! Blessings."

- Theresa W.

"I first met Dr. Graux when I was pregnant and suffering with migraines. My obstetrician cautiously advised caffeine and meds. Neither were good for my baby so before taking them I came to ADIO. My 3-week headache was gone with 2 treatments and NO MEDS! I displaced a thoracic disc and was recommended to take anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and back injections. I continued to see Dr. Graux and with regular adjustments can avoid all meds. I have never taken the injections. I recommend chiropractic care to everyone, especially ADIO!"

- Briggit P.

"Dr. G. is the absolute best! Not only does he keep me in perfect alignment - he's helped eliminate headaches, back pain, and neck pain I've had. I love coming to ADIO because I'm treated like family - not a patient. Would and do recommend Dr. Graux to anyone that needs chiropractic care. I always feel much better when I leave. Thank you Dr. G.!"

- Jessica J.

"Our entire family receives chiropractic care from Dr. Graux. I am largely pain-free after many years of back pain, which ultimately wound up with me throwing my back out a few years ago. I've been seeing Dr. Graux since and feel great. Also, my oldest used to suffer from ear infections but hasn't had one since starting to come to Dr. Graux. And my youngest has only had one ear infection in her life - she has been coming to Dr. Graux since birth. I definitely credit Dr. Graux with keeping us all healthy! I rarely miss a week."

- Nicole E.


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