The Best Parks and Museums Located In Bowie MD

Over 30 parks and museums

Bowie City, Maryland is endowed with plentiful leisure destinations. There are over 30 parks and museums spread all over the city. Most museums showcase the rich history of Bowie City as depicted nowhere else. For Bowie City to have such numerous museums that don't easily replicate history then Bowie must have had a long and intricate history. The lush green parks of Bowie City offers unique relaxation open spaces for both visitors and locals. However, visitors would love them more because of the distinctive charm of wildlife and urban adventures - an art that seems to be well perfected by Bowie City. Such a fervid city is for sure a desirable destination for visitors.

Allen Pond Park

Allen Pond Park is located at 3330 Northview Drive. It is a well-maintained park with workout circuits, nice walking paths and ¾ mile loop encircling the ponds. It is a great place to take a walk, sit and watch the abundant ducks and geese. Allen Pond Park is a scenic place to take a family.

Watkins Regional Park

This park is located at 301 Watkins Park Drive. Two interesting activities to do here are riding on the marvelous carousel and walking on the 4-mile trail. The Kangaroo at the carousel can actually simulate real Kangaroo jumping. Sit on the tended grass and enjoy your picnic like you could nowhere else in Maryland.

Greenbelt National Park

This park is situated at 6565 Greenbelt Road. Other than being a refuge for the native animals and plants, it is an excellent place to seek peace and tranquility from the city pressures. The lush vegetation alongside the semi-private feel in this park has made it be a preferred spot for camping by the locals and visitors as well.

Prince Georges African-American Museum & Cultural Center

It is located at 4519 Rhode Island Avenue. The Prince Georges African-American Museum & Cultural Center (PGAAMCC) is a museum that celebrates and inspires the Bowian community through the cultivation, presentation, and preservation of artistic and cultural contributions of African-Americans in the county of Prince George. Visiting this museum gives you an opportunity to participate in exhibitions, events (Unwind Wednesday), public programming and education outreach programs.

Belair Stable Museum

The Museum is located at 2835 Belair Drive. It is a U shaped building built in 1907 by James T. Woodward, the original owner of the famous Belair mansion. This building was once the house of Belair Stud farm until in 1957 when it was sold to Levitt & Sons by the Woodward family. For this reason, it is considered to be the foundation stone of the modern Belair at Bowie community which came into being due to the transactions. Visiting this museum is very much like having the founding history of Belair at Bowie unraveling before your eyes.

Airmen memorial museum

It is located at 5211 Auth Road. Founded by the Air Force Sergeants in 1988, this museum celebrates the native servicemen's contributions and sacrifices in the conflicts of the last half of the 20th Century.


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